Web design for business is
about making sales, not art

Designing a website to grab eyeballs isn't enough. Your potential customers make decisions with their heads and hearts. Graphics can draw attention but content keeps and maximises it. imapt-designed websites put content first, not Photoshop.

If your website isn't driving sales then
what is it doing for your business?

After a website from BT failed to bring in sufficient business, Kenco Local are thrilled with the performance of their new imapt-designed website.

Impressed! We're already getting more orders from the website than we ever have.

Paula Jones, Marketing director

Key to the success of the new Kenco website is the focus on engagement. From smooth content flows and easy navigation; to detailed, rich product descriptions… this is a website designed to ensure visitors find quality content.

An intended and welcome side-effect of the optimised site architecture/ structure and depth of content is a very healthy 190% increase in search traffic.

All this packed with admin features for full control, easy site management and quick, painless publishing of fresh content.

Kenco Local are a national association blending nationwide coverage with personalised local service to provide quality refreshment to businesses. Visit Kenco Local.

We focus on what matters

At imapt we never limit your website's potential for profit by neglecting content or sales/ marketing strategy. We start our design process talking about content not colours, sales pitch not pixels and online profit not 'presence'. And we base design decisions on analysis and business experience, not artistic whim.

A lemon just isn't suitable

Concentrating on how your website looks not how it will sell is like giving a lemon a sharp suit and expecting a sales person.

You still end up with a lemon, it just looks good.

Starting the web design process in Photoshop is equivalent to starting on the packaging before you have a product. Great if you're a graphic designer with no background in business analysis, marketing or sales. Not so good if you're the client.

Design maximises the effectiveness of content but it doesn't do the actual selling…

Can you decide how many pages you need, the right navigation or layout before you know what your content is? Can you search optimise before you've got what search engines index?

Content is what people search for. It answers their questions, builds your brand/ trust/ credibility… it's what attracts and sells.

Jacob UK are Europe's number 1 for modular pipework. Their systems are the fast and cost-effective alternative to custom-building steel pipework and welded ducting. Visit Jacob UK.

Underperforming website now delivers 40% of all new business

Jacob UK has an extensive range of quality products with in-depth technical specifications. Content requiring careful handling to maximise its potential. The old website was difficult to navigate and only generated occasional new business.

We love the way our products are showcased and people are finding them on Google

Beckie Woodhouse, Marketing manager

A complete restructure unlocked the full potential of the content, making it accessible to visitors and search engines. Not only did this dramatically increase the amount of business generated by the site, SEO traffic doubled.

A cleaner, leaner and easier-to-use website hasn't just led to more sales. Easily accessible information has increased customer satisfaction and reduced support calls. More revenue, happier customers and lower support costs… all leading to more profit.

UK based and UK supported