Marketing designed to attract and convert

Getting double the industry average performance is good. How about tripling it?

That's exactly what we delivered for Atlantic Mulch with our 'Weedkiller' campaign

The figures are especially impressive given the campaign didn't include a special offer or any other incentive. It simply reminded potential customers Spring is the time to tackle weeds.

You're good.

Brent Booker

Atlantic Mulch use state-of-the-art technology and delivery methods to provide quality mulch products and service. From home owners to major contractors.

59% open rate

Our 'Weedkiller' concept delivered consistently high open rates averaging 40%.

The highest performer hit the target with both barrels:
Producing a mighty 59% open rate and 12% click-throughs… triple industry averages (4%).

The key to the campaign's success?

Simple: Understanding the audience and creating an engaging message to target what 'turns them on'.

From social media to SEO, emails to PPC… marketing is easy. Getting a decent return on your time and money is the hard part

Newsletters, PPC ads, SEO, social media… all relatively easy to implement, everyone's doing it. If you want your marketing to actually drive sales then you've got to cut through all the noise.

First you need to know your target audience and what they're looking for. Then you must attract and keep attention to get a response. That's the hard part. That's marketing.

Successful marketing is powered by content

Online marketing starts and ends with your website. First you need something to actually market… a strong, clear and interesting message bourne from your site's content. A message targeting potential customers that your website reinforces and builds on to guide visitors toward a sale.

High quality content attracts, engages and gets a response.

Landing pages are useful, but every web page should aligned with your marketing and work hard to increase conversion rates. Marketing is far more effective when it's integrated.

  • Know your customer
  • Have something to say
  • Say it well
  • Go somewhere with it
  • Analyse performance
  • Refine and improve

Scrutinise your website's content. Could you create a strong, targeted marketing piece out of each and every section?

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