We've got it up on a big screen for our sales to watch leads rolling in.

Will Ferguson, Marketing Manager at Frillo

It's not the counts you do,
it's what you do that counts

Everything you should expect to get from web analytics…

How's your website, marketing, SEO and PPC performing? Where can you increase profit? Where could your budget and time be best spent? Where are you just wasting money?

  • Meaningful data at a glance — your most active/recent visitors, campaign/website performance trends, dataset comparisons, content consumption, geolocation…
  • SEO/ PPC and content optimisation — get your usual metrics then go further… see in detail how visitors interacted with your website. Then test changes with dynamic split-testing.
  • Measure performance — what's really getting you customers? Assess engagement, conversion rates and traffic sources down to individual campaigns.
  • Set your own measures — including path analysis, dynamic/ static goals and assigning revenue to conversion routes.

Plus the pleasant surprise of features that'll really drive sales

insight real time web analytics


Watch as visitors land on your website — leads don't get any fresher for instant feedback and follow-up.

insight integrates heatmaps with web analytics


See how visitors are really interacting with each web page AND drill down to a specific individual's visit.

insight monitors twitter too


Follow the conversation — monitor relevant tweets, who's tweeting, mentions, hashtags, links and more.

insight web analytics API

Flexible API

It's easy to record custom events, track the things you want tracked and extract data the way you want it.

It's good to know whether your website's traffic is growing healthily or plummeting. But a thousand times more important? Knowing what to do about it and realising it's customers not clicks you want.

Effective analytics turns meaningful data into profitable action

Vanguard Contracts, like many companies, faced fierce competition and spiraling PPC costs. Our integrated approach meant we could slash PPC spend without losing quality leads.

Historically, PPC accounted for 62% of traffic, search only 14%. Through detailed analysis of Insight data we implemented changes that cut costs by 56% and more than doubled the contibution of search traffic to 32%.

Exactly what we wanted.
To get costs down without losing out.

Company secretary, Vanguard Contracts

By refining PPC campaigns in coordination with SEO and on-site development, these gains were made without losing potential customers. Keywords delivering poor-quality leads were cut, PPC ads adjusted to not compete with the rising SEO traffic and the website redeveloped to increase conversions.

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Our insight analytics platform gives you complete visibility on your website and
marketing performance. We want you to see the kind of results we're delivering.

Is insight right for you?
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