Big data is great for general trends.
For specific opportunities, go small…

Prospect tracking increases conversion rates, generating more profit for a healthier ROI

Conventional analytics focuses on big data — summarising lots of data to gauge trends and performance. Great for high-volume sites pulling in thousands of visitors a day. But, for most SMEs, small data is where real opportunities lay.

Following-up marketing campaigns with a sales call gets much better results. The secret is knowing who to call to maximise ROI.

The prospect tracking features of our insight software boost the effectiveness of your campaigns without you having to make a costly investment in time, money or resources.

Insight bridges the analytics gap between your campaigns and website. Instead of seeing only who clicked through, you'll see how they interacted with your site — what they looked at, how engaged they were and whether you should follow-up.

4 simple steps to more sales:


It's easy to have insight working with any of the major email services by simply copying and pasting a couple of template tags.


Recipient clicks and lands on your website as normal. All you need is a small snippet of code copy-and-pasted in the foot of your web pages.


The new visitor immediately appears in insight and their actions logged. A choice of notification options ensures you don't miss a lead.


The lead is tagged with contact details from your mailing list so you can see exactly who's on your site and contact them immediately.

Insight does much more than just prospect tracking

Analytics unleashed

Is insight right for you?
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